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Chelsea Jennings

President of Full Circle Insurance Solutions

With close to 15 years of experience, Chelsea Jennings is your dedicated partner for health insurance solutions. She’s “trilingual” in the health insurance space where her expertise spans group, individual, and Medicare insurance.  This gives her the ability to advise on platforms her clients may be on now, with an in-depth understanding of how to guide them for future insurance changes.

A Depth of Experience

Chelsea's meticulous approach extends to all aspects of health insurance, from ensuring provider accessibility to optimizing coverage details. Her extensive background in corporate employee benefit management covers various industries. She excels in guiding employers through complex compliance requirements and assists small businesses and their employees in making well-informed decisions during open enrollment and transitions between health coverage options. She also specializes in dental, vision, life, and disability coverage on a corporate and individual basis.

Empowering Your Decisions

Chelsea's mission is to simplify the often-complex world of health insurance. She's here to empower you to make informed decisions and choose the best insurance options tailored to your unique needs. Trust Chelsea to be your reliable advocate in the insurance landscape.

Chelsea's Community Impact

At Full Circle Insurance Solutions, we're not just insurance experts; we're active community builders, and Chelsea Jennings, our founder, is at the heart of it all. She's a driving force for positive change and progress in the Hampton Roads area.

  • Leading Kiwanis for a Better Future:
    Chelsea served as the President and Chairman of the Board of The Kiwanis Club of Chesapeake from 2022-2023, dedicating her time to community service and making a lasting impact on the lives of local families.

  • Chamber Ambassador for Welcoming Connections:
    As a Chamber Ambassador with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Chelsea is at the forefront of welcoming new Chamber members and making regular contact with existing members. Her frequent check-ins and warm presence at Chamber events create a welcoming atmosphere for businesses and entrepreneurs in our community.

  • Mentor and Advocate for Young Athletes:
    Chelsea's commitment extends to the Youth sports arena as the coach of the Tallwood High School girls' tennis team. She serves as a strong mentor and advocate for young female athletes, nurturing their growth on and off the court.

  • Empowering Future Leaders:
    Chelsea has also participated in Tidewater Community College's Women's Center mentor program, supporting the professional growth of future female TCC graduates.

  • Dedication to Seniors:
    As a member of the Chesapeake Task Force on Aging, Chelsea dedicates her time and resources to improving the lives of seniors in our local community. Her commitment ensures that the elderly receive the support and care they deserve.


Chelsea's tireless dedication to our community embodies the core values of Full Circle Insurance Solutions – trust, compassion, and generosity. We're proud to have her leading the way in creating a brighter future for Chesapeake and its residents.

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